Logframe has evolved!!

We have a COO – Chief Operating Officer

Since the creation of Logframe in 2006 that the organizational structure of the company was the same, with Paulo Teixeira accumulating CEO and COO functions, in other words, accumulating all the functions, from communication to external relations, team management and operational control and strategic and financial management.

In 2018 we decided to change this structure and fulfil one of the options strategically defined by the team at the end of 2017… release our CEO to the activities in which his presence is indispensable and leave the team and projects operational management for Ana.

See the video in which we communicate this evolution and read below the messages from Paulo e Ana about this new management option for Logframe.


Paulo Teixeira CEO

It is the beginning of a new phase… and it’s going to be GREAT! — Paulo Teixeira, CEO

Message from Paulo Teixeira, our CEO:

“I created Logframe alone in 2006 and I have been fortunate to work on the team with fantastic people, with whom I have learned and grown a lot, and hopefully they have learned something here too. An acknowledged hug to all… to those who are still with us like Pedro Antunes, partner of so many fights, and to those who are no longer for one reason or another.
However, organizations must evolve and our management model, in which I accumulated too many functions, would not allow to respond in the medium term, with the quality and effectiveness we demand of ourselves, to the challenges we are facing. Therefore, I had a clear need to share these functions with someone who shared with me values, principles of life and work and a way of looking at the world and to social intervention… I had the luck and the privilege to find all this and more in Ana Oliveira, which also brings new skills and a unique professional experience to our team.
Ana is our new COO – Chief Operating Officer and will now be responsible for the direct management and for the tasks of the teams of the various projects in in close articulation with me. I … maintain my CEO duties as well as consultant and evaluator in our projects.
It is the beginning of a new phase… and it’s going to be GREAT!

A Hug!”


Ana Oliveira

For me to integrate the Logframe team is a challenge I could not resist— Ana Oliveira, COO

Message from Ana Oliveira, our brand new COO:

“For me to integrate the Logframe team is a challenge I could not resist, for what Logframe has represented in the field of social intervention in Portugal. This has been my journey so far: I got my PhD in Social Work by the Portuguese Catholic University / Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) and I have wide professional experience in the area of social and community intervention with children/young people and families and in multicultural contexts, having been promoter and coordinator of projects with these publics. I was team coordinator and technical director in third sector organizations. I have experience in leadership and strategic planning, in the management, planning and evaluation of projects, having performed professional supervision and evaluation in different intervention contexts.
I am currently the pedagogical coordinator and teacher in the different degrees of training in Social Work of the UCP Faculty of Human Sciences (da Faculdade de Ciências Humanas da UCP). I coordinate several postgraduations: Evaluation of Programs and Social Projects, Artistic Practices and Social Inclusion and Project Management in Cooperation for Development. I develop research at the Catholic Research Center for Psychological, Family and Social Wellbeing, of UCP.
My integration in the Logframe team presents itself as a new path, that I have a great desire to go through, taking into account everything I can give and receive.”


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