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Paulo Teixeira CEO

If we can dream, we are capable of doing it!

It was in 2004 that came to me the idea of creating a consulting and training company unlike anything that existed at that time. I was with two coworkers, one of them is part of the team, and we were discussing how hard it was to find someone who had a professional attitude, but differentiated and innovative in the areas of consultancy which, at the time, we hired to the Ministry we were working at.

Based on these ideas of professionalism and rigor, but also of innovation and modernity, that I started to design Logframe, and in 2006 it was born, with the ambition of doing well, doing different, and creating solutions that promote social impact in a coherent, consistent and sustainable way.

Since 2006, Logframe has not stopped growing and adding to its portfolio of services new business areas, such as Quality Management Systems, the area of Cooperation and Education for Development, Communication and Organizational Branding or, more recently, CRM systems. These are just some of the examples which certify our attention to the sector where we work and to our customer’s needs.

Our international field is well established in the active role that we have in international networks with the largest organizations in our sector (Logframe has a broad partnership with 17 companies that operate in the evaluation of projects, programs and policies, for example), in the many evaluation processes where we have been working, for organizations such as the Council of Europe, the European Commission and others.

Yesterday as today, Logframe is well active and attentive, producing new knowledges and developing new working tools to serve our customers (who, at the end of all these years, are already friends), always in a committed and professional way, and with differentiating approaches, that allows us to be more than “simple” consultants, but rather partners in processes of social impact, where we have the privilege of being part of the change.

If you already know us and our work, thank you for choosing us and … see you soon!

If you have not yet worked with us… contact us! We are sure we can create something fantastic with you!

A Hug,

Paulo Teixeira, CEO


Increase the social impact of the Organizations we cooperate with.

We build the future together


To be recognized as a company providing excellent consulting and training services, offering differentiated, innovative and modern offerings, with professionalism and rigor, but also with openness and a flexible approach.



Integrate and value different perspectives using the skill set and knowledge of the different stakeholders in each process.


Constant effort in order to create added value to our customers, their process and final products. We assume a responsible and rigorous attitude towards our clients with personalized and full attention to their every need.


Sharing of information and relevant knowledge without any reservations, promoting an honest and transparent relationship and a safe space of creation with our clients.


Ability to quickly, efficiently and effectively adapt to new or unexpected situations.



Everything we do aims to add value as the main goal. Every moment of work has a crucial role for the process in question.


We seek to integrate in our work instruments, processes and techniques that are differentiated by their characteristics and/or application.

Much more than a company. A way of looking at the world!